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High-quality workmanship, attractive design and fast delivery times are typical characteristics of jewellery and watches Made in Germany. In order to maintain this tradition and to counter the erroneous use of the term abroad, selected producers from Germany have committed themselves to a uniform quality standard that includes organizational criteria as well as criteria for value creation and the quality of the components.

More and more companies are joining the initiative of the German Association of Jewellery, Watches, Silverware and Supplying Industry (BVSU) and using the logo under license to address end customers as well as to convince global business customers of the outstanding quality of German workmanship. The success story of our Made In Germany initiative proves that a common denominator, namely a commitment to better visibility of actual quality and origin, leads to greater transparency and customer satisfaction.

The requirements criteria are strict. In addition to design and product development, final assembly and quality assurance must take place in Germany. The manufacturing part, which is decisive for the essence and the ultimate value of the product, must be done in Germany. An important aspect here is the measurable manufacturing share in Germany. Among other things, this also ensures in the long term that traditional craft techniques and culture are maintained and passed on to the next generation.

On the following pages you will learn more about jewellery and watches Made in Germany, the initiative, the participants, the past and the future of German jewellery and watch manufacturing.


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Made in Germany as a globally known designation of origin and seal of quality stands for services and products produced in Germany. It represents innovation, precision and trust through quality and safety as purchasing arguments for the global consumer. Due to the consistent development of legislation since the beginning of industrialisation products Made in Germany meet the highest safety standards and quality in manufacturing.


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100 years Anniversary of the Permanent Sample Exhibition (Ständige Musterausstellung)

On February 23, 1921, the “Permanent Sample Exhibition of the Jewelry and Watch Industry was founded and is now celebrating its 100th anniversary.


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