Joie de vivre! This has been the guiding principle of the world-famous Leo Wittwer manufactory for over 100 years. Today, in the third generation, all threads of the family business come together with owner and chief designer Frank Maier.

The Leo Wittwer company was founded in 1920 by its namesake Leo Wittwer in Pforzheim. It first produces small silver lucky charms and already also small silver crosses. Today, every stage of development of a piece of jewellery is shaped by specialists in the art of jewellery. From the design, the first prototypes, the selected stones, everything stands for high perfection and the craftsmanship, which is implemented by highly qualified employees.

All threads come together at Frank Maier, who leads the family business in the third generation. He is the creative mastermind behind the company and has shaped the manufactory into an internationally recognized brand.

The cross is the signature piece of the Leo Wittwer brand and is deeply rooted in the history of the manufactory. As early as 1920, crosses were the defining element in the product range of the freshly founded company, alongside small lucky charms. In 1990, design chief Frank Maier turned the wheel of the brand’s history a decisive step further and designed the version of the cross that became Leo Wittwer’s trademark. In the Crosses collection, the history of Leo Wittwer lives on to this day. A Leo Wittwer cross is set with 167 diamonds, which are first painstakingly sorted to ensure they are the same cut, quality, colour and carat. In many hours of work, setters set the diamonds under a microscope, goldsmiths finish the individual parts, and the polishing department refines the product. Finally, the finished cross must pass the final inspection before it can leave the company. Regardless of the finish – matte, polished or with coloured enamel – a cross from Leo Wittwer always unmistakably bears the manufacturer’s signature thanks to its concise, voluminous shape and the hand-flattering feel. One of the most beautiful details is hidden on the reverse side: Frank Maier was inspired here by the sight of the Eiffel Tower to create a graft.

Style is life, style is movement and style changes over time. With the Leo Wittwer Contemporary Collection, design director Frank Maier picks up on moods that are in the air and trends that he notices on his travels around the world. Because inspiration comes from all directions, this ever-changing collection is characterized by a wide variety of influences: the diversity ranges from concise, meaningful cocktail rings to talismans that grow as little darlings to the heart.

Inspired by the famous aphorism “Panta rhei” (everything flows) by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, Leo Wittwer’s famous collection of the same name was born, reflecting the dynamism of life in every facet of its design, a philosophy of beauty. Oval and round shapes, white and rose gold and small as well as large stones nestle together so harmoniously that it seems as if the resulting contrasts dance with each other in the sunlight. Large diamonds stand for extraordinary life events, while the smaller stones symbolize the beautiful moments of everyday life.

The wearer of Leo Wittwer men’s jewellery from the Men collection shows himself individual, fancy and stylish. The most important concern of design director Frank Maier is to give the man the special feeling of owning something that is absolutely exceptional. That’s why this collection features some of the most unusual diamonds: the spectrum ranges from the uncut rough cut to the straight princess cut, and in terms of colour, there’s a diverse range from radiant white to candy-sugar brown to cool black.

The Candlelight collection is dedicated to the art of diamond cutting. A specially sophisticated processing of the diamonds brings colours from white to yellow to candy-sugar brown to life. The exclusive, typically slightly elongated diamonds in the cushion cut are outstanding here: with the 58 facets nestling together, the cushion cut creates a particularly high light dispersion, which ensures an extraordinary play of colours. The stones look particularly fascinating as solitaires on rings, perfect for a proposal.


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