Silhouette jewellery combines classic jewellery art with technically novel creations and unusual materials to high-quality, innovative genuine jewellery. The slogan “unmistakably genuine!” underlines the credo of using only genuine gemstones and the finest diamonds.

The Silhouette brand emerged from the Oscar Bentner jewellery manufacturing company, founded in 1893. For many years, Oscar Bentner supplied jewellery wholesalers in Germany and neighbouring countries in particular with high-quality yet affordable creations. In the 1980s, the family business decided to work directly with jewellers and retailers as its own brand under the name “Silhouette Jewellery”. Since 1995, Arnd Bentner has been the fourth generation to manage the company’s business. Silhouette Jewellery stands for high-quality genuine jewellery and specialization in the production of small series, some of which are designed and manufactured individually for each customer.

Silhouette clearly relies on a regionally anchored network of experts from the Pforzheim region. Trained designers from the University of Design, specialized suppliers of jewellery and medical technology, as well as well-trained craftsmen and goldsmiths enable the realization of extraordinary pieces of jewellery time and again.

The Silhouette Loop collection offers bracelets in yellow gold, red gold, white gold or ceramic, with or without stone or pearl set. The jewellery pieces made of dozens of small rings offer maximum wearing comfort thanks to a stainless steel or titanium spiral inside. Without a clasp, the bracelet slips easily, securely and comfortably over the wrist.

In the TOUCH interchangeable ring collection, a screw-on ring rail serves as the basis, while various slip-on rings allow countless combinations. The TOUCH necklace offers a similar principle, in which the individual pendants are also individually attached. Depending on her taste, the wearer can opt for an elegant version with diamonds or a sporty version with gold elements. A great deal of technical detail work has gone into TOUCH and all parts are 100 percent made in Germany.

Silhouette focuses on sustainability and guarantees its customers that the purchase of Silhouette jewellery will not harm the environment, disregard human rights or support criminal acts. Therefore, for example, one relies exclusively on recycled scrap gold that has been processed into products such as coins, jewellery or medical products. This gold has LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) certification and comes from reputable refiners who guarantee the conflict-free origin of the gold. Also, only genuine gemstones and so-called conflict-free diamonds are used from sources that have joined the Kimberley Process.

It is an incentive for the company to make individual luxury products affordable with its own creations. The art here is to harmonize the feeling for market trends, the needs of the customers and the technical feasibility of new ideas.


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