There are hundreds of manufacturers of watches, jewelry and silverware in all regions of Germany. The industry association of the sector has its headquarters in the jewelry capital Pforzheim.


Other regions

The Federal Republic of Germany consists of 16 federal states and is a free democratic and social constitutional state and with about 83 million inhabitants the most populous country in the European Union. The federal capital and seat of government is Berlin, which is also the most populous German city.

Since 1871, when the then so-called German Empire was founded, the location has developed rapidly from an agricultural to an industrial state. In all regions of Germany, there are hundreds of manufacturers of watches, jewellery and silverware and supplier parts for these products. Building on the know-how of the watch and jewellery industry, many companies also developed in the direction of highly modern and precise metal processing. As a result, many companies in the fields of precision mechanics, medical technology, dental technology, automotive supply industry and others are now also in the historically traditional succession of the jewellery and watch industry.


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