Since 1959, Kühnel Trauringe has been producing wedding rings with a fresh design, paying attention to the right balance between creation, manual work and computer-aided machine work.

Since 1959, Kühnel Trauringe has been dedicated to the beautiful sign of love, the wedding ring, a symbol of intimate connection and the promise to be there for each other. Originally founded as a one-man business, the company is now run in the second generation by Armin Kühnel in the gold town of Pforzheim. With his wife Margit Kühnel at his side, who is responsible for the fresh design and production, they pay attention to the right balance between creation, manual work and computer-aided machine work. The company’s goal is to offer wedding rings with a maximum of quality, at a reasonable price.

Today Kühnel wedding rings convince with a lovingly and with experience compiled wedding ring collection, which is not only available monotonously, exactly according to a template. The combination of platinum, palladium, gold and silver, in various alloys, widths and thicknesses, with diamonds or synthetic zirconia, creates individual and diverse variations and price ranges for every wedding ring model.

Traditionally, wedding rings from Kühnel are 100% “Made in Germany” as well as “Made in Pforzheim”. This results in a high-quality standard, as well as the motivation to keep all jobs and expertise in Germany. Furthermore, Kühnel wedding rings are only produced by highly trained goldsmiths, gemstone setters, engravers and metal cutting mechanics.

All Kühnel wedding rings are produced exclusively at Kühnel using state-of-the-art technology and meticulous craftsmanship. Without exception, high-quality brilliant-cut diamonds are set in silver with synthetic zirconia. The special wedding ring profiles with inner curvature guarantee optimal wearing comfort and are available in any alloy. Individual customer wishes and special designs are also possible at any time.

Just as Kühnel chooses its employees, it also chooses its resources. These are sustainably selected recycled gold, silver, platinum and palladium, which Kühnel receives from Pforzheim refineries. Furthermore, only certified diamonds are used that do not come from conflict areas. In order to guarantee even more sustainability and to produce at the highest quality level, Kühnel protects the environment through waste water and air purification. Managing Director Armin Kühnel:” Out of conviction and responsibility, we make sure that our wedding rings are produced sustainably and under ethically correct conditions. We want our customers to be able to wear wedding rings with a good feeling as a sign of their love.”


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