A writing instrument from Otto Hutt will accompany you throughout your life. In times of one-size-fits-all fashion and mass production, Otto Hutt deliberately focuses on the uniqueness of precious one-of-a-kind items.

The company was first founded in 1920 by Karl Hutt, and later successfully continued for a long time by his son Otto, to whom the brand owes its name to this day. Karl Hutt was an enthusiastic follower of the Bauhaus movement and felt highly inspired by the formal language of this new school of design. He transferred the idea of the Bauhaus style to new products and founded a company for pocket utensils and fine writing instruments made of silver. In the 1960s, he handed over the reins to his son Otto Hutt, who further expanded the company and successfully asserted himself in the national and international market. Later, Robert E.Huber GmbH with Managing Director Marco Frei succeeded Otto Hutt, carefully revised the product portfolio and successfully developed the existing manufacturing processes.

Highest quality is particularly evident in the details. This includes aspects such as high-quality workmanship, attractive design and excellent customer service. Otto Hutt products meet these requirements to perfection. This is ensured not least by the constant further development of the company’s own manufacturing expertise. Every step in the production process is well thought out and repeated several times until perfection is achieved. Selected materials ensure high-quality coatings of the writing instruments with gold, platinum or silver.

Otto Hutt products are manufactured exclusively in Germany and use particularly high-quality materials. In doing so, the company follows the claim to exclusively manufacture premium products. With a maximum of technological know-how and a lot of attention to detail, fountain pens, ballpoint pens and rollerballs become a guarantee for an extraordinary writing experience. In order to reliably meet the quality standards required for this, the individual production steps are subject to a constant testing process. In this way, the “Made in Germany” label guarantees long-term quality assurance.

A writing instrument from Otto Hutt can accompany the customer for a lifetime. Otto Hutt deliberately focuses on the uniqueness of noble one-of-a-kind products. A 6-digit number code engraved in the cap and recorded on the warranty card distinguishes each writing instrument as unique. In addition, Otto Hutt products bear a stylized logo engraved into the nib, inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s 1922 Bauhaus signet. An unmistakable symbol of the brand’s design aspirations and stylistic self-image: “Form Follows Function”.


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