For four generations, watches bearing the Abeler name have stood for excellent workmanship, high precision and a family’s passion for time, carried through four generations. Classic, timeless design with that certain something, with the fascinating aura of owning something very special.

Since the sale of the first Abeler watches in 1898 by Heinrich Abeler and their relaunch in 2007, the Abeler & Söhne brand has stood for craftsmanship “Made in Germany” – sophisticated, reliable and with an eye for detail. With the watch brand Abeler & Söhne, people of different generations have commited themselves to the quality promise Made in Germany in the sense of a family tradition for more than 120 years. The brand offers quartz and automatic watches for men and women, the concept of which is to provide watch lovers with reliable decision-making criteria. That is why, among other things, the final assembly and quality assurance take place in this country, and the design is also of German origin.

Reduced in form and faithful to the line, with the latest manufacturing technology in the sense of traditional craftsmanship best processed and manufactured from high-quality individual components, an Abeler and Sons watch is always reliable and comfortable to wear.

Men’s watches: Wearing an Abeler & Söhne watch is always a clear statement. On the one hand, a commitment to excellent workmanship and high precision made in Germany, on the other hand, an appreciation of style and elegance. Stainless steel cases, sapphire crystal and Swiss precision movements are the appropriate ingredients of the Münster watch collection.

Ladies’ watches: However, finding the special mix of tradition and modernity is a very special challenge, especially for a ladies’ watch, as it is supposed to be equally suitable for many situations in life. That is why an Abeler & Söhne watch is always a tribute to beauty and the promise to make its wearer even more perfect.


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