VICTOR MAYER is known for specializing in handcrafted manufacturing. This includes rare techniques such as enameling and guilloché. The workshops in Germany guarantee high precision, reliability and ethical sourcing.

At Victor Mayer, the manufacture of hidden treasures, it is craftsmanship that determines the rhythm. Emotions become jewellery items of rare attraction, and timeless companions through life. Gold meets colour, tradition meets modernity. Lockets, signet rings, cuff-links and sophisticated enamel jewellery characterise the product range of Victor Mayer. Founded in 1890, the manufacture nurtures old craft techniques like almost no other brand. The highest quality is a constant goal.

Enamel jewellery from Victor Mayer carries fire within it, created using traditional skills wielded by rare experts in their field. Refined with the finest guilloché and delicate engraving, lending it a magical three-dimensional quality. The harmonious forms of the pieces emphasise their luxurious character – created for women with an eye for the extraordinary.

Signet rings are a piece of jewelry with tradition and a trend for connoisseurs. Signet rings are worn with pride. Not just any signet rings, but magnificent pieces made with the utmost care in the Victor Mayer manufactory. Naturally made of gold, decorated with the family coat of arms, personal engraving or special signet. A piece of jewelry culture that testifies to attitude, but never imposes itself.

Victor Mayer cufflinks give men style and that certain something. A sign of sophistication and self-confidence that can only be topped by the choice of the matching double. Made of gold, of course, and perhaps engraved to make a personal statement or adorned in luminous enamel.

Medallions are small treasure boxes for keeping great secrets. Hardly any manufactory produces them with such perfection and beauty as Victor Mayer. The feminine decorations, the variety of shapes, the fine technique: expertise and traditional craftsmanship give the jewelry pieces special value that goes far beyond the material.


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