There are manufacturers of jewellery and watches all over Germany, from Hamburg in the north to Munich in the south, from Saarbrücken in the west to Glashütte in the east of the country. The largest centers of industry with their historical development since the beginning of craftsmanship in the Middle Ages are presented in this section.


For over 175 years, Glashütte has been an important centre of German watchmaking and one of the most exciting sites in German economic history.

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From the 17th century onwards, Hanau developed into one of the four important centres of German jewellery production.

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In 1767, the German jewellery and watchmaking industry was founded in Pforzheim by Margrave Karl Friedrich von Baden. This is what the nickname “Gold City” or “Gold, Jewellery and Watch City” refers to. Around 75 percent of German jewellery is produced in the city.

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Schwäbisch Gmünd

Schwäbisch Gmünd is home to numerous productions of goldsmith’s and silversmith’s wares and already shaped the industry industrially from the 19th century.

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Black Forest

The Black Forest is the oldest German manufacturing center for clocks and watches and is still home to several important manufacturers of large clocks, wristwatches and stopwatches.

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Other regions

There are hundreds of manufacturers of watches, jewelry and silverware in all regions of Germany. The industry association of the sector has its headquarters in the jewelry capital Pforzheim.

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