The Made in Germany Seal

Recognising quality. Through a visible symbol.

Deutsche Schmuck und Uhren GmbH (licensor) is the owner of the rights to the Made in Germany logos for jewellery and watches registered as a word/figurative mark. Registered members of the Bundesverband Schmuck, Schmuck, Silberwaren und verwandte Industrien e.V. (German Association of Jewellery, Watches, Silverware and Related Industry) as well as other companies and brands in the industry use the quality feature and the word/figurative mark under license for their own and/or joint marketing and advertising measures in Germany and abroad.

Defining quality. For uniform standards.

Deutsche Schmuck und Uhren GmbH grants suitable German jewellery and watch manufacturers the right to use the above-mentioned word and figurative mark “Made in Germany ” during the term of the license agreement. A prerequisite for granting the right to use the word and figurative mark “Made in Germany ” to suitable jewellery and watch manufacturers is that the companies comply with strict criteria. The licensee undertakes to comply with the criteria in the production of its jewellery and watch products marked and advertised with the word and figurative mark “Made in Germany ” and to ensure and continuously monitor compliance with these criteria on an organizational basis. The criteria include:

  • organizational criteria such as the fulfillment of the design and product development in Germany, the execution of the work by persons with relevant professional training in the recognized crafts of our industry, etc.
  • production-specific criteria regarding the value added to the product and the final assembly within Germany
  • qualitative criteria regarding the production processes, the selection of purchased components, the procurement and processing of raw materials in recognition of the regulations of the World Jewelry Association CIBJO in the so-called “Blue Books” as well as the qualitative final inspection and quality assurance of the products by the manufacturer.

Assuring quality. From a sense of responsibility.

The licensee is obligated to always use the word and figurative mark „Made in Germany“ in connection with the company and brand name of the licensee. If not all products of a company are Made in Germany, then the obligation of clear labelling in invoices and other business documents as well as on the website applies. Accordingly, when the quality seal is used in printed documents and certificates, it must be ensured that only products that meet the strict requirements are associated with it. The customer or end consumer must be able to recognize beyond doubt whether the product is Made in Germany.

The licensor is entitled to revoke the license rights immediately if the licensee violates the criteria. Violation of the criteria is determined by an elected committee of licensees and representatives of the association.


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