Das neue Design08 von Otto Hutt: Pull+Twist!

The new Design08 from Otto Hutt is out! Designer Mark Braun gave the writing instrument a unique look with the allover guilloche. A coating with the rare precious metal ruthenium gives the writing instruments optical depth and a very special feel. The eye glides over the even lines, and the desire to trace them arises in the fingers.

Pull+Twist™ is unique

On the rotating cylindrical heel, the guilloche is rotated 90°: thus the design gives a hint of the direction of rotation to operate the Pull+Twist™ function. A twisting motion fills the ink chamber, and a final twist of the barrel end locks the mechanism in place. A perfect interplay of design and function.

For those in a hurry

Alternatively, design08 will soon be available as a rollerball pen. Here, the longitudinally guilloched heel is used to change the rollerball refill. The rollerball pen’s stainless steel grip is also designed to be particularly easy on the hand. It is made of stainless steel and coated in matte black PVD.


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